4 Reasons to Drive a Vespa

A scooter is like no other vehicle. Sure, it sits on two wheels like a motorcycle, but it doesn’t guzzle gas in the same way, and it’s nowhere near as challenging to ride. On a scooter, you can glide through city streets effortlessly – and look stylish while doing so. But, you might wonder, what is the best brand for that? Undeniably a Vespa. 

What is a Vespa?

A Vespa is an Italian brand of scooters and mopeds which first got produced in 1946. Since then, they have become arguably the most famous scooter brand, with many people associating them with the capital city of Rome (which makes sense, considering Vespas originated in Italy). Vespas are known for their sleek designs and easy handling, making them great scooters for both beginners and seasoned scooter/moped riders.

So, what makes a Vespa the best scooter of choice? If you’re considering a scooter instead of a car or motorbike, below are four reasons to choose a Vespa.

1: Vespas are Stylish

First, Vespas have a style unseen in many other scooters (and road vehicles in general). They look like an accessory with their slick yet casual design and range of colours. In fact, the variety of one of the best parts! Almost anyone can find a Vespa shade that suits their style, whether that’s bright red or soft blue. 

2: Vespas are Easy to Handle

One of the main benefits of getting a Vespa is its easy handling. It’s a lightweight vehicle and is designed to be easy to ride, so it won’t take long for you to feel comfortable sitting on the back of one! The Vespa 125 GTS is incredibly manageable. It has that traditional retro Vespa appearance alongside additional safety measures and a comfortable seat. Plus, it has a USB port to charge your phone on the go!

3: Plenty of Storage

You might think that scooters don’t have much space for personal items. When it comes to Vespas, that’s not the case! Vespas provide as much space as possible with the seat storage box underneath the seat. It means you can pack items like a picnic while you’re out and about on your scooter! It won’t pack as much as a large car boot, but you won’t get stuck in traffic as a car would.

4: The Option of Eco-friendliness

A lot of Vespas are now electric, significantly reducing the carbon impact. However, even a non-electric Vespa scooter still does much less damage to the earth than the average motorbike or car, as it doesn’t use nearly as much fuel. So, if you’re on the lookout for an eco-friendly alternative to your current vehicle, it’s an ideal option.

Driving a Vespa will make you feel confident and stylish on the road. They are easy to ride, look great, and won’t leave you stuck in traffic for hours. Plus, they are beginner friendly, so if you have never ridden a scooter before (or any road vehicle), you’ll learn quickly and have a great time on one!