5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Pre-owned Scooter

In an ideal world, you would buy a brand new scooter every time you need one, but sadly this is not always possible.

Whether you want to buy a used scooter for yourself or for someone else, you should know that some great second-hand scooters are available.

All you need to do is know where to look. Whether you are planning to check out your local dealership or scouring the web to find your preferred model, keep reading to discover the five factors you must consider before buying a used scooter.

1.    Does it run?

This might be obvious, but you need to make sure that it runs before buying a used scooter. Once you have established that it does, the next step is to listen to how it sounds.

Four-stroke engines should have a smooth hum, whereas two-stroke engines should sound like a gentle chainsaw.

Finally, you need to look to see if it is smoking. Four-stroke engines should not smoke. Two-stroke engines should.

If you are buying an electric scooter such as a Piaggio electric scooter, then you need to check to see if the battery is charging properly, as if not, it will need replacing.

2.    How long has it been sitting?

If you are purchasing a used scooter online, take a close look at the pictures. Does the scooter look very dusty and like it has not seen the light of day for quite some time?

If yes, then the scooter has likely been sitting unused for a while, which is not ideal, especially if it has not been prepped properly before storage.

Before buying a used scooter that has been out of action, make sure that you check the battery and the tyres, as both of these are likely to need replacing.

3.    Can you still get spare parts for it?

It is important that you can get the spare parts for your scooter if something goes wrong, and depending on how old the model is, you might not be able to do this. While you can still get spare parts for most scooters that have come out in the last decade, it is always worth checking before you sign on the dotted line.

Don’t forget to also be vigilant of scooters that are missing several body panels. This can be a sign that the vehicle has been involved in a crash or that it has been stolen.

4.    How old is the scooter?

Of course, when making any purchase, you want to make sure that you are getting good value for money.

When it comes to buying used scooters, anything from the last five to eight years is a safe choice as these should be new enough to be in good condition but old enough to save you some serious cash.

Having said this, if you can find an older scooter that has been looked after well, you might pick up a real bargain.

5.    Who is the seller?

You can choose to buy a used scooter either from a dealership or a private seller. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, a dealership is a safer bet as you can find out about their reputation online, and they are more likely to provide detailed checks on their scooters.