£9,699 OTR

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The V-Strom 800RE is powered by a 776cc DOHC 270° crank parallel twin engine, with four valves per cylinder and a long-stroke configuration it delivers a balance of punchy low-down grunt, usable mid-range drive and a free-revving pull, all the way to the top-end.

The design is a lightweight chassis, created to maximise agility, comfort, utility, and riding pleasure. The result of its development is a chassis that will contribute to comfort when touring for long distances, but also give great cornering performance and provide stable handling under all riding environments. It also delivers reassuring straight-line stability when riding at motorway speeds, even when carrying a passenger and when the bike is fitted with the genuine-accessory top and sides cases and loaded with gear.

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) is a collection of advanced electronic rider assist systems, which allow the rider to choose the settings for each system to best suit their preference or to suit the conditions. SIRS helps enhance an already exciting riding experience that inspires confidence and frees riders to concentrate on enjoying the ride.