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The Vespa Notte special series is dedicated to those who the love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high quality products that are a pleasure to own and show off. No bright decals or flashy designs neccessary, just silky smooth black lines.

The name selected for this series is a fitting introduction to its décor, characterised by total black graphics. The “night-time” style pairs the beautiful new opaque black of the chassis with numerous glossy black details, including the mirrors, the ornaments of the classic “tie” on the front shield, the handlebar ends, the passenger handle and the extractable footpegs of the GTS Super Notte.
Refined details include a saddle dedicated to each model and a plate with the logo placed on the rear shield. The rims and muffler guard are also glossy black.

Fitted with a nippy 125cc engine, this is the ideal scooter for the learner legal rider. Commuting, city living or simply for riding pleasure, you will not be disappointed with the Vespa GTS Notte scooter.
The Vespa GTS Super 125 also features a USB port, located inside the compartment of the leg shield, while the front turn lights house a series of LED that act as day running lights. The rear light is now enriched with a chrome plated frame as well as transparent covers on the turning indicators.
Fitted with a chrome rear carrier as standard.

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