GTS SUPER 300 HPE euro 5


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GTS Super

Super by name, super in performance

With its refreshed design, the Vespa GTS Super is raring to set off on adventures with you and provide thrills aplenty. Its sporting soul comes with the latest examples of technology incorporated in new and surprising ways. There’s much more to this family than a mere change of colour, with plenty of scope for each and every proud owner to express their own style and individuality.

Unique in all its details

Vespa has always been known for its attention to the finishing touches and the GTS Super is no exception. The new scooters sport a modern look that incorporates technological advancements and finishing touches that may not immediately catch the eye, but make a subtle difference. There’s no better example of this than the classic Vespa “tie” which has been redesigned to create an even more distinctive and original impression.

Sportiness by Vespa

The new Vespa GTS Super continues its efficiency drive, reducing fuel consumption to a minimum without holding back on the power you need for an emotion-packed ride. The 300cc engine reaches 23 horsepower and, with the increased torque available at lower speeds, is quick to respond to the accelerator.

Equipped for the future

All Vespa GTS Super versions come with keyless ignition for a fast, easy start, remote seat opening and the Bike Finder function, perfect for picking out your bike in a crowd. The family is completed by the gritty GTS SuperSport and innovative GTS SuperTech, both of which are kitted out with the Vespa MIA app which connects your smartphone and bike so that you can manage messages, calls and playlists with ease.