How to Increase an Electric Scooter’s Lifespan

An electric scooter will transform your lifestyle. In addition to providing a convenient mode of transport, it will lower your carbon footprint and allow you to breathe in better quality air instead of taking a bus, train or car.

Of course, the more you care for your e-scooter, the longer you’ll be able to use it. Read the following advice on how to increase an electric scooter’s lifespan.

Stick to an E-Scooter’s Speed Limits

The highest-spec electric scooter will have a speed limit you must adhere to on the road. If you exceed its speed or weight limit, it will need to work harder to transport you from A to B.

Avoid pushing your e-scooter too hard, which means avoiding steep inclines or rough terrain. If you don’t follow its instructions, you will shave months or years off its lifespan.

Check Your Tyres

Always check your e-scooter’s tyres before hitting the road. It will allow you to enjoy a smooth, safe ride, and the extra care can increase the tyres’ lifespan.

For example, check an electric scooter’s tyre pressure before a journey. To do so, press your fingers on the tyres to test their firmness or use a pressure gauge for accuracy. Don’t forget to review the tyres for potential safety hazards, such as a tear, puncture or flat.

Don’t Drain Your Battery

Never allow your e-scooter’s battery level to hit zero. Depleting the battery life will lower its capacity gradually. When possible, try to charge the battery when between 10% to 40%.

Most e-scooters are a breeze to charge. For example, you can buy a Piaggio electric scooter that features lithium-ion batteries you can quickly remove for recharging in your home or at work.

Never Overcharge Your Battery

While it’s important not to drain your battery, you mustn’t overcharge it either. E-scooter ownership is about finding a charging balance. Similar to the risk of draining a battery, overcharging it will reduce its overall capacity. Ensure you unplug it at the right time to boost your e-scooter’s lifespan.

Clean Your E-Scooter Well

Keeping your electric scooter clean will increase its longevity. Maintain its quality and efficiency by buying the following cleaning supplies:

  • A soft sponge
  • Vehicle soap
  • A toothbrush or small brush
  • Lubricant
  • Clean towels

Use either the sponge or a small brush to scrub your e-scooter. A brush is ideal for sprucing up your wheels and small components prone to accumulating dirt and dust. However, you must ensure soap and water don’t touch any electrical components, which may affect the e-scooter’s performance. For peace of mind, rub a clean towel over the bike to protect it from residual soap and water.

Store the Bike in a Clean, Dry Space

It is recommended to store an electric scooter in a cool, clean and dry location. If you house it in a dirty or humid area, various parts might experience corrosion. Instead, increase its lifespan by storing it in a sheltered space that isn’t too hot or cold.

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