How to Stay Safe When Riding a Motorcycle

Everyone with a sense of adventure enjoys the experience of soaring down empty roads on a motorcycle. While that feeling is second-to-none, safety should always come first. If you can’t ride safe, you shouldn’t ride at all. Whether you are a newbie motorcyclist or a regular rider wanting to take extra precautions, here’s how to stay safe when riding a motorcycle.

Get Regular Inspections

The first step is to ensure the motorcycle itself is safe to ride on, which means getting regular inspections. Of course, you should often inspect it, but getting a professional’s eyes on the bike is also important. By going with one of our Suzuki motorcycles, you can enjoy our after-sales service, ensuring your bike is in top condition for your adventures.

Wear the Right Gear

Any mature motorcyclist understands the importance of wearing the right gear. Before heading out on the open roads, be sure you are wearing the following –

A Helmet

A helmet protects you from sustaining life-changing injuries caused by road accidents – never, ever skip wearing one.


Your hands need protection, too, which is why you also need to wear gloves. Again, thick leather gloves are your best bet, and make sure they fit snugly before riding off.

A Jacket

In case of an accident, you need clothes that protect your body, and that’s where a motorcycling jacket helps. Thickness is key here, but you should also prioritise comfort.

Riding Shoes

Your footwear is especially important when it comes to riding, so pick some well-fitted riding shoes that’ll stand the test of time. 

Be Aware of the Weather

While it is generally OK for cars to drive during harsher weather, you must check the weather app before riding for motorcyclists. Riding in weather like heavy rain or snow can prove hazardous, as it increases your chances of an accident. Instead, only choose to ride out when there’s little chance of rain, ice, or snow.

Wear Bright Clothes

Your goal is to be as noticeable as possible on the road; if the other drivers can’t see you well, the likelihood of a road accident increases. For this reason, wear at least one piece of very bright clothing, so people see you from far away.

Watch Out for Road Hazards

As a motorcyclist, you can’t lose focus for even a moment, especially regarding road hazards. Even if you have ridden on a road countless times, you should always look out for potential dangers, including spilt oil, gravel, and potholes.

Ride in the Daytime

Riding in the day doesn’t just provide a better experience (as you get to see the beautiful views); it also helps keep you safe. In addition, the day provides the visibility you don’t get at night time, so the next time you schedule a ride, be sure to make it during daylight hours.

Staying safe on the road as a motorcyclist requires sensible choices and unwavering focus. However, once you know what it takes to stay safe, you can enjoy the pure exhilaration that comes from riding fast.