Is The Piaggio 1 The Right Electric Scooter For You?

Are you thinking about investing in a new electric scooter?

Small, light, and oh-so-simple to use, the Piaggio 1 is proving to be hugely popular with Gen Z due to its eco-credentials and high-tech features.

However, is it the right choice for you?

Let’s take a closer look at what this electric scooter has to offer!

What is the Piaggio 1?

The Piaggio 1 is part of a range of electric scooters that are manufactured by the Piaggio Group. You can choose two models: the base model, which has a 1.2 Kw motor, and the Piaggio One Active, which boasts a 2Kw motor.

In terms of speed, the latter is the faster of the two and can get up to speeds of 40mph, whereas the base model can only achieve speeds of around 25mph.

What is the Piaggio 1 like to ride?

As a Piaggio electric scooter, the Piaggio 1 is super easy to use. All you need to do is unlock your scooter with the key fob, select your rider map, and you are good to go.

As a traditional step-through scooter, your feet will sit flatly in front of you, and your legs are safely hidden away from any external elements.

If you want to go full throttle, the Piaggio 1 will do so efficiently and with no noise so that you can scoot around town discreetly and in style.

What does the Piaggio 1 look like?

In terms of aesthetics, the Piaggio 1 is a joy to look at. Although made in China, it maintains a stunning Italian design with clean and sharp lines that you expect from this particular manufacturer of electric scooters.

For those who have owned a Piaggio scooter before, you will not be disappointed with the Piaggio 1 as it has kept true to its original roots and looks every inch a Piaggio.

How much does the Piaggio 1 cost?

There is no denying that electric scooters can be expensive, and Piaggio scooters are no different. That being said, the Piaggio 1 actually offers great value for money compared with other electric scooters on the market and can be purchased for around £2,500.

If this still seems like a lot of money, then consider the long-term savings that you can make with a scooter such as this. Even with rising energy prices, you can still save a significant amount on maintenance and petrol if you choose to invest in the Piaggio 1.