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The company named after count Giovanni Agusta, starting life in 1907 as an aircraft manufacturer. When demand for aircraft declined between the wars the company diversified into motorcycle engines. A new company was established after the second world war called MV Agusta, to manufacture motorcycles. The acronym MV stands for ‘Meccanica’ (mechanics) and ‘Verghera’, the name of the village where the first MVs were made. In 1945 the first MV Agusta was presented to the public, the "98", available in both a "Touring" and "Economical" versions. When motorcycle racing resumed in the early 50s MV Agusta became a racing legend thanks to its outstanding performance and technology.

MV Agusta reacted to a market slowdown in the 60s by offering new models such as the 600, the first maxi motorbike on the market to offer a four-cylinder engine. Derived from Mike Hailwood's 500 GP, it gradually developed into the high performance 750 S America with a top speed of 220 kph.

In the 70s the company encountered financial difficulties and was forced to cease motorcycle production at its birthplace of Cascina Costa returning in the 90s with a project developed by Ferrari, referred to as the F4. It’s a project that MV Agusta engineers are still developing to this day. The first prototype was completed on the eve of the 1997 Trade Fair in Milan. Since then MV Agusta has continued to expand its model range with the introduction of the F3, Brutale, Rivale, Turismo Veloce and RVS.