Piaggio 1
Fen Cheng Wang

£2600 (inc £150 PIMG Grant ) Piaggio 1 model

£2750 (inc £500 PIMG Grant ) Piaggio 1 Active model

Creativity, innovation and sustainability give shape to an exclusive collection

Feng Chen Wang is one of the most experimental and innovative fashion designers of the international scene and Piaggio is a brand symbol of urban mobility. The collaboration between them stems from strong and shared values ​​and initiates a multi-faceted conversation on the issues of individual freedom, sustainability and contemporary mobility.

The fashion collection, presented on October 13 at Shanghai Fashion Week, reshapes tradition in original and surprising garments and it seals a partnership that will lead to a customized version by Feng of Piaggio 1, Piaggio’s first electric scooter.


Authentic, multidimensional, “modern future”. This is how Feng Chen Wang defines her aesthetic. At the base of her work is the search for a style that is, at the same time, conceptual, distinctive, functional and based on the aesthetic values that draw from the experiences and roots of Chinese culture. Feng was born in Fujian, a province in South East China, known for its mountains and breathtaking natural landscapes. From here she left for London, where in a few years she established herself as the avant-garde designer in a generation of new fashion talents. The union of these two worlds, Asia and the city of London, made her creativity unique and brilliant.


Piaggio 1 comes in dual range of colours: Forever Grey, Forever White and Forever Black are the three most sombre colour schemes which highlight the minimalist and clean design, whereas Sunshine MixArctic Mix and Forest Mix are three two-tone liveries that enhance its youthful and fresh spirit. In the Mix colour schemes, the saddle has seating characterised by a grey covering that creates more of a contrast with the glossy black side inserts.
The colour schemes are available for all the versions.



“Piaggio is a brand synonymous with mobility and lifestyle in the world, deeply rooted in history but a pioneer in innovation. It is the testimony of an authentic, distinctive genius, from which it was easy to draw all the creative energy to design this collection that reshapes tradition to make it special and contemporary”


– explains Feng

In the collection, the reclamation of tradition is visually combined with the natural elements of water and the symbol of the Phoenix, which represents virtue and grace in Chinese mythology. The watercolor is hand drawn using the traditional Chinese brushstroke technique and the color green recalls the native flora as well as health, prosperity and harmony.



The overlapping of recycled materials, Feng’s stylistic signature, is instead a synonym of Feng’s deep attention towards the themes of sustainability, respect for nature and creative reclamation. The result is a dialogue between two excellences on a new vision of individual freedom, as explained by Michele Colaninno, Chief of Strategy and Product of the Piaggio Group.



“Feng is an amazing designer, who innovatively and coherently blends the roots of her Asian culture with the vibrant London creativity. The meeting with Feng was an opportunity to start a conversation, through the language of fashion, on the concepts of functionality, sustainability and design in the service of very advanced forms of movement on two wheels. Piaggio has always pursued and explored these concepts through its brands and products in all countries of the world.”

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