MP3 530 HPE Exclusive


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Since introducing the first ever three-wheeled scooter to the world, Piaggio has continued to constantly evolve this model through fine-tuning to deliver an outstanding riding experience. The new models feature elements directly from the automotive world such as Cruise Control and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), designed to increase comfort, safety and performance. With a highly efficient Euro 5 engine, decidedly modern design and driving licence compatibility, the new series of Piaggio MP3 scooters is set to change urban mobility yet again. Are you ready to join the revolution?

Advanced technology

The reverse gear with rear view camera raises the practicality of the Piaggio MP3 530 hpe allowing you to park without any physical effort. The BLIS system has also been added: a technology that detects blind spots, up to 30 meters away, providing the rider with reassurance and useful information for safe travel.

Make your way easier

The new equipment is designed to satisfy every need. The full LED lighting improves the visibility of the vehicle, quick start with the keyless system, the 7 ” full colour TFT display is the largest in the three-wheel category, a USB socket is available under the windshield to recharge electronic devices and the Piaggio MIA system connects a smartphone with the vehicle for better navigation, along with management of calls, messaging and music.

Fast, even when it stops

The new Piaggio MP3 range features an even more effective braking system: the foot brake is now supported by a lighter structure and new brake master cylinders (By-Bre). This, together with the already established ABS and ASR system, results in a stable and safe riding experience even on the most treacherous surfaces. Another innovation is the BLIS system, a technology that detects vehicles otherwise hidden in the blind spots of the rear-view mirrors, for even easier and safer journeys.

The scooter that makes you comfortable

The Piaggio MP3 range has evolved as a result of comprehensive research into the customers riding experience. The new saddle provides more space for the rider and possible passenger, as well as a more relaxed riding position for better control of the vehicle. Added to this is the cruise control and the reversing system with rear camera.

New engine

The Piaggio MP3 530 hpe Exclusive is powered by the brand new 530 cc hpe Euro 5 engine. A brand new mechanical heart that delivers over 44 hp, making this model the most powerful in the three-wheel scooter segment.