Top Alternatives if You’re Looking to Get Rid of Your Car

There might be many reasons you’re looking to trade in or sell your car. Maybe you can no longer afford the expense of a large vehicle, or you no longer need it because you don’t take enough long journeys – or perhaps you might even be looking to limit your carbon footprint and search for more eco-friendly methods.

Nevertheless, the idea of completely getting rid of your car when you’ve had one for a while can be intimidating for some people. Still, never fear, for here are some great alternatives if you’re looking to switch to a car-free life.

  • Switch to a Scooter

Suppose the reason you’re wanting to get rid of your car is to save space at home, to enjoy easier traffic navigation or simply because you want a more eco-friendly way to get around compared to a larger car. In that case, a Piaggio electric scooter can be the ideal alternative.

You can navigate built-up traffic much more easily on one of these, which makes it perfect if you want a more stress-free commute. Plus, it’s ideal if you usually have to fight for a parking space at home or at work.

  • Get a Bicycle

If you only had a car for commuting and socialising and your workplace and friends are all within a reasonable distance, a bike can be a great option if you’re looking to get around whilst also maintaining a great workout routine.

What’s more, a bike can also be another perfect choice if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact while still enjoying a comfortable way of getting from A to B. Additionally, you’ll save tons of money on fuel; you’ll never have to fill up a bicycle at the petrol pump!

  • Use Public Transport

This alternative might be a little obvious, but it’s more if you don’t want to be responsible for any personal vehicle whatsoever, and perhaps a bicycle isn’t feasible for the distance and frequency you need to travel every day. Therefore, public transport is one of the best options if you don’t want any responsibility or financial restraints of having a personal vehicle.

For this, you should think about the easiest and most dependable mode of transport for where you live and work. Trains, buses, the metro or even a taxi in a pinch are all great options.

  • Catch a Lift

Car-sharing is another excellent and very modern solution if you need to use a car but want to lessen your environmental impact and save money on fuel and vehicle costs.

Suppose you have a host of co-workers, for example, and you’re all going to the same place of work on the same route. In that case, a car-sharing scheme can be a great idea to catch a lift with other people – and if others are happy to do this with you regularly, you could even eliminate your own car altogether.

  • Rent a Car Whenever You Need

If you only travel occasionally – such as if you work from home and don’t need a car long-term – simply using a hire car for long, important journeys is a good option to avoid the regular financial burdens of owning a car. With a hire car, you can have wheels when you need them without the hassle of paying for maintenance, insurance and all the other associated costs of having your own vehicle.