Why It’s Time to Think About Going Electric

With the government ban on the sale of new vehicles powered by petrol or diesel looming, the topic of electric alternatives cannot be ignored. According to the AA, in August 2021, electric vehicles had a 10.9% of the market, which is set to increase rapidly over the next few years. However, it’s not just choosing your next electric vehicle that is a big decision – there are also other aspects to think about, including range and charge points.

So, if you’re considering buying a new vehicle in the next few years, take a look at why it could be the right time to go electric.

The market is more diverse

With manufacturers upping model roll out across the board, there is more choice for your next vehicle. However, it’s not just car brands that are providing options. Here at BMG Scooters, we have a classic Piaggio electric scooter, perfect for city commuting and affordable travelling costs. There’s also the choice of two models, both with the same great styling and value from this renowned brand. Check out some of the benefits of owning an electric scooter here.

How often do you use your vehicle?

The type of journeys and how often you make them are good indicators of whether it’s time to think about electric options. An EV is perfect for affordable travel if you take shorter routes and don’t need it for long drives. That’s not to say if you take longer journeys, you should rule them out. With the increase in models over the next few years, electric vehicles will be able to go further.

The charging network is growing

The network of electric charging points across the UK is growing. However, recent announcements by the government could see a legal requirement for all new-build properties to have an EV charging point. Charging point installations have increased over the past few years, with around 250,000 currently installed at homes and businesses. These regulations will make it easier to top up around the country with ease.

Charge time is getting faster

If you’re worried about how quickly your EV will charge, fortunately, battery technology has advanced since the first examples. But, of course, it depends on the type of vehicle you have. For example, an electric scooter will charge quicker than a car for shorter commutes. Plus, you have the bonus of extracting the batteries to charge at home or work.

The cost of running an electric vehicle

There are a number of positives about thinking of going electric. First, the government are currently offering a grant towards purchasing an EV. However, this possibly won’t last much longer as it has already decreased in value since 2019. Secondly, running an EV is cheaper than a standard car. Charging your vehicle costs less, plus they’re exempt from road tax.

There’s a lot to digest before you take the leap to electric. However, the benefits of making the switch could save you money in the long term.