Why You Should Transition from Four Wheels to Two – and How to Do It

There are plenty of reasons to move away from reliance on cars. They are extreme polluters and have drastically changed the world, in many cases for the worse. The fact that they are convenient for transport is applicable to other, less damaging vehicles. Scooters and motorcycles, in particular, are less harmful and provide as much independence and convenience as cars. Here are some useful steps you can take if you want to start using two wheels rather than four.

Learn the Basics

Whether you can already drive a car or not, learning how to ride on two wheels is essential for beginners. The mechanics might not be totally different, but the method of getting around definitely takes some getting used to. You will need to consider your balance and technique as well as the unfamiliar ways that the vehicles are operated. If possible, have someone experienced with two-wheelers show you some of the basics so that you can learn more before you make a purchase.


There is nothing better than getting hands-on practice with a two-wheeled vehicle if you want to improve your skills and raise your confidence. You don’t necessarily have to already own a motorcycle or scooter to start learning how to ride one. If you know someone who has a two-wheeled vehicle, ask them for some tips and perhaps even an opportunity to practice using it. Some dealerships will let customers try out their vehicles when making a purchasing decision, too. Of course, the best practice is on the vehicle you plan to use on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Vehicle

For the most satisfying ride, you will need to make sure that you choose the right two-wheeler for you when it comes to shopping around. Take your time to learn about the various differences between models and manufacturers so that you have everything you need to make an informed decision. Find out where to buy your chosen motorcycle or scooter. For example, if you want an Aprilia vehicle, you would go to an Aprilia Dealer like ours. This is often easier than trying to look for an individual seller who happens to be selling the model of motorcycle or scooter you want to buy. Check reviews and know what you’re looking for before you make the final choice.

Find Your Community

A great way to feel more at home getting around on two wheels is by finding a community of like-minded people who also appreciate the speed, style, independence, and comfort that motorcycles and scooters have to offer. Shows and conventions are useful for making connections with people who are also passionate about their vehicles and they can teach you more about yours.

Notice the Benefits

You will quickly start to notice the many advantages of riding a two-wheeler compared to driving a car. Enjoy the freedom and ease it brings to your life. It won’t be long before you forget why you ever got a car in the first place.