4 Cold Weather Scooter Riding Tips

At this time of year, many bikers can feel a little nervous about getting their scooters out to go for a ride, and with good reason. With only two wheels (most of the time) attached to the road, it can feel quite scary in weather that even our four-wheeled road companions find challenging, but it doesn’t have to be something that makes you take your bike off the road in the winter.

Stay Safe In Winter

Riding a motorcycle or scooter in winter is safe to do, but it does mean being a little more pragmatic when it comes to the road conditions. Like any road user, black ice is your worst fear, but for us two-wheelers, any kind of ice, frost, snow, or even rain can cause problems.

If you also have a car license, there’s absolutely no shame in taking your scooter or bike off-road for a few weeks over the worst of the weather, and even if you don’t have a car and car license, public transport on those particularly horrible days may be the safer option.

If you do want to venture out on your scooter in the cold weather, though, we have a few tips for you that will help to keep you safe and ensure your ride is an enjoyable experience.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

One of the biggest differences between car tyres and bike tyres is the way our tyres grip the road, and a lot of this has to do with tyre pressure. If the pressure is too high, they won’t grip properly on the sides, too low, and they won’t grip in the middle.

Bikes like the Piaggio MP3 are a little better for winter riding as they have three wheels, but if your scooter is the usual two-wheel configuration, you’ll need to check your pressure regularly to make sure your tyres are gripping right and cornering is a pleasant experience rather than a hair raising one.

Buy High-Quality Waterproof Gear

There’s nothing like being caught in a freak rainstorm on your scooter! For most riders, being caught in the rain is something that’s unavoidable, but getting soaked is absolutely avoidable.

Invest in good waterproof gear, not the cheap rubbish rain macs you see in the supermarket. Ask around for recommendations for bike-specific waterproof riding gear, and don’t forget to get warm winter gear too!

Invest In Heated Grips

Ever got cold hands while riding? A great pair of gloves is a must, but upgrading your bike to heated grips can make all the difference! Keeping your hands toasty warm and ensuring you don’t have that frozen hand ‘have I got frostbite?’ feeling when you do pull over to park!

Get A Scooter Cover

If you’ll be putting your bike away for a few weeks, or even if it’s just for the weekend while you hunker down indoors, you must get a good bike cover. Winter-specific covers are best, as they will keep your bike above freezing and protect the battery from cold-weather damage.