How to Care for Your Scooter This Winter

There is no reason to put your scooter into hibernation during winter. A little maintenance could be all it takes to keep your pride and joy in tip-top condition during colder temperatures. If you want to carry on riding, or ensure it works like a well-oiled machine once you pull it out of storage in spring, read these top tips on how to care for your scooter this winter.

Take Greater Care on the Road

Extreme weather conditions can increase your risk on the road. For this reason, you must be cautious of road conditions during a ride. For example, potholes might not have been gritted or ice can take a long time to thaw on the edge of a road.

If you’re planning to ride your scooter during ice or snow, you must be both slow and gentle with your brakes, steering, clutch and throttle. Bear in mind that braking distances will increase on slippery roads.

Fill the Tank with Fuel

If you have a gas-powered scooter you’re putting into storage, you should fill it with fuel to prevent condensation from building up in the tank, which can contaminate the gas. You could also add a fuel stabilizer based on the recommended quantity, as it can prevent the fuel from degrading if left unused for more than 30 days. Once you get back on your scooter, ride it for between 15 to 20 minutes to ensure the fuel stabilizer has flown through your scooter’s fuel system.

Care for Your Tires

It is wise to rotate the front tire of a scooter periodically, which can prevent the development of a flat spot when storing your bike in a garage. You also must ensure they are fully inflated to a scooter’s recommended pressure. Some experts recommend placing a piece of lumber underneath your scooter’s front tire, which will keep it away from cold concrete that can cause flat spots.

Keep Your Scooter Clean

It is likely your Piaggio, Suzuki or Vespa scooter will become your pride and joy once you bring it home. However, the grit from the roads during winter could corrode the attractive bodywork. For this reason, you must clean your bike from top to bottom after a ride, which will keep it in excellent condition. If you plan to store it outside, you can prevent corrosion by covering it to protect it from the elements.

Use a Battery Tender

If you’re planning to store your scooter in a garage during winter, you should use a battery tender to prevent drainage when it’s not in use. A battery tender will maintain the battery charge without overcharging it. If you can’t store a scooter in your garage, remove the battery from the vehicle and attach it to the tender. However, you must avoid doing so when the scooter is running.

Improve Visibility

If you’re taking your scooter out for a ride this winter, you must improve your visibility on the road to protect both you and your bike. Bad weather and dark mornings or evenings can impair drivers’ vision, which is why you must use your lights on the road and add reflective strips onto both your scooter and clothing.

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