Aprilia SR GT 200


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Sportiness that goes beyond looks

The sporting soul of the SR GT is clear at a glance, with gritty, original lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials and Italian style. The wide naked handlebar is pure motorcycle while the double-cradle steel frame and noteworthy suspension adjustment create a distance of just 175 mm from the ground, making it fast, agile and absolutely unstoppable when it comes to obstacles.

Urban spirit, sporty style

The Aprilia SR GT is a perfect mix of performance, technology designed to adapt to any situation and an inimitable style with echoes of the motorcycling world. This fearless scooter is undaunted by cobbles, tram tracks, pot holes and any other obstacles the urban road throws up, but is just as happy out on the open road, with its ample 9-litre fuel tank capacity delivering a range of around 350 km.

I-get 200 engine

The i-get 200 engine with Start&Stop RISS is the beating heart that takes the performance of the SR GT up yet another notch, ably abetted by the new aluminium cylinder with its Nickasil coating, a fuel consumption-optimisation innovation that is drawn from the motorcycling world