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The HAYABUSA product concept is;
“Ultimate Sport”
The new-generation Hayabusa was developed not only to achieve an even higher overall balance
of ultimate performance and comply with the stringent Euro 5 emissions standards, but also to
capture the hearts of both devoted followers and all who lay eyes on the stunning beauty and
sharper, tauter form of its bold new design.
Since its original launch in 1999, the Hayabusa has continued to provide riders with greater
horsepower and torque than any other sport bike at engine speeds up to 6,000 rpm. The new
Hayabusa proudly carries on this legacy as the ultimate sport bike, delivering even smoother
torque and more power through the low to mid range, making it even faster and more controllable
on the whole. An advanced new collection of intelligent electronic controls lets riders choose how
the bike will respond and perform in various situations. This promotes greater rider confidence by
helping even those who are less experienced learn how best to take advantage of what the
Hayabusa has to offer. It also provides a number of additional comfort convenience features that
bring greater pleasure to riding and pride to ownership.
The development team was fully committed to preserving all that made the Hayabusa a legend,
while upping the ante in creating a new generation that is poised to carry riders into the future.
The result faithfully reflects Suzuki’s ongoing commitment to fine craftsmanship and to sweating
every detail to get them right.

 When Honda released the 1100 Blackbird may years ago, it was given the title of fastest production bike in the world. Suzuki not wanting to be outdone, created the HAYABUSA which took the title. Hayabusa is the name of a Japanese bird of prey which hunts Blackbirds.