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Piaggio 1, Emissions 0

The Active version of Piaggio 1 is capable of a maximum of 37mph. The range is 41 miles in Sport mode and up to 52 miles in ECO mode, while the driving experience is always immediate and electrifying. This version also stands out thanks to the red friezes on the rear swingarm, an aesthetic detail that underlines its even more decisive and sophisticated character.

Designed in Italy THE, “1 ” is a fusion of colour, imagination, style, safety, and technology never seen before on an electric scooter

Inspired by the Piaggio tradition that created the legend of the simple, lightweight moped, “1” aims to revolutionise electric urban mobility, combining efficiency with fun

Light, easy to ride, essential yet smart – as an e-scooter should be – the Piaggio 1 delivers the best aspects of Piaggio scooters: quality, reliability, a robust chassis for maximum riding pleasure, and guaranteed safety and enjoyment. Because the Piaggio 1 promises to be such fun to ride, youngsters will fall in love with two-wheelers, seeing it as the coolest way to commute.

Stylish, eco-sustainable with its zero emissions, lightweight, brilliant performance, the Piaggio 1 has everything to delight the youngest generations.

The Piaggio 1 also features a range of technological features, including a digital colour instrument panel with a sensor to adapt the background and luminosity to ambient conditions, full LED lights, a keyless start system, and two motor maps.

The original design of the Piaggio 1 incorporates the essentials required for urban electric mobility but retains the unmistakable style and quality materials that define the entire range of Piaggio scooters. The Piaggio 1 is a user-friendly two-wheeler, created to improve and simplify daily travel in an urban environment – using a remote start system to make it a keyless vehicle.

On the road, the new Piaggio e-scooter is a lightweight vehicle that is very easy to manage, with a comfortable riding position, low seat, a flat roomy footplate, plus practical and robust pull-out footpegs for the passenger. The Piaggio 1 is also the only e-scooter in its category to provide a spacious compartment below the seat.

The Piaggio 1 is powered by an electric motor whose lithium-ion batteries can be easily extracted for recharging at home or in the office.

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