Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang

Piaggio 1 FCW £2600

Piaggio 1 Active FCW £2750

Prices include government grant.

Unique style

Piaggio has joined forces with Feng Chen Wang, one of the most innovative and experimental international fashion designers, to create a very special edition of the Piaggio 1. An electric scooter with an original livery that combines the natural element of water with the phoenix, reproduced by hand using the traditional Chinese brushstroke technique.  Symbolising virtue, grace and sustainability, it is brimming with the latest Piaggio technology and carries a meaningful message in bold, head-turning fashion.

Fusing the past and the future

Feng Chen Wang was born in Fujian, a province in South East China but her experimental nature took her to London where she studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art. Within just a few years she established herself as an avant-garde designer, working with Nike, Converse, UGG, Levi’s and other iconic global brands. Conceptual and highly functional, her unique style seamlessly reinterprets Chinese tradition through vibrant modern materials.


The touch of a true artist

The Piaggio 1 Feng Chen Wang sports a striking livery that fuses Chinese tradition with the designer’s extraordinary hallmark creativity. It effortlessly combines the major influences in her life, drawing inspiration from the spectacular landscapes of Fujian, where she was born and raised, while displaying the more modern, multiform aspects of  her London experience. The precise shade of green used on the seat upholstery and wheel rims recalls the native fauna of her homeland, while also representing health, harmony and prosperity.