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A timeless classic

An iconic symbol of Vespa history, the Primavera zips through twenty-first century streets with ease, but retains the name and some of the features of the original legend that revolutionised urban mobility during the sixties.


The Vespa Primavera’s analogue-LCD dashboard represents the perfect fusion of old and new, with an information layout that makes the display even more intuitive and easy to read than ever.


The front of the Vespa Primavera sports a more modern look courtesy of full-LED lights and new sidelights and full-LED indicators, making for improved visibility, particularly at night.


The Vespa Primavera 125 is equipped with a single hydraulic shock absorber, single-channel ABS for improved braking safety, and a 125-cc 3V electronic injection engine for outstanding performance and efficiency.


The rear guard, matt black battery cover and the elegant 5-spoke rims are just some of the many elements that make this Vespa truly special.

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