Vespa GTS 300


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GTS 300 EURO 5

Understated, essential and with the elegance that has always distinguished Vespa. A model designed for those who want to live their adventures in a simple and immediate way.

Full of character and festures

Keyless ignition, remote seat opening, a practical USB port and Bike Finder for easy location in crowded parking areas are just some of the features that make the Vespa GTS exceptionally user-friendly. But wait, there’s more. Its 300cc HPE is one of the best-performing engines ever installed on a Vespa, transforming even the most banal errand into an entertaining adventure. 

Enhanced safety

The latest innovations bring new levels of control and handling to the Vespa GTS. The completely-redesigned suspension, dual disc brakes, ABS and ASR traction control ensure stability on even the worst road surfaces and more precise, efficient braking.