ZT350-T 19″

£4799 + OTR*

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A lightweight adventurer, perfect for the enthusiastic explorer or the everyday commuter. Built around a single cylinder, high compression ratio motor, compatible with an A2 licence.

*OTR charge of £200 includes number plate, DVLA 1st registration fee and first year’s road tax.
2 Year manufacturer warranty included

Keyless Control System

This second-generation keyless control system adopts advanced encryption technology, offers great security performance, and has a newly designed transponder fob which is more compact and elegant. Carrying the induction key, the bike can be unlocked within 1.5 metres (the transponder can be kept in a pocket). Locking is the same, with the transponder remaining secure. The process is a simpler and more secure way of locking and unlocking. The second-generation key also has a built-in chip sensor. Even if the battery is unplugged or completely flat, so long as the key is close to the lower right of the seat, it can unlock the motorcycl


TFT Full Colour Screen

A TFT full colour screen, has four personalised display themes available. It has two backlight modes; manual and automatic, which adjust the backlight intensity according to the change of environment. It is quick response, convenient and efficient.

Bosch EFI System

The latest Bosch EFI system integrates functions such as headlight control, fan control, and sports & fuel-economy mode. A comprehensive operating system for a thoroughly modern motorcycle.

High Power Magneto

The power generation of the magneto is increased; the operating temperature is reduced, and the service life is longer; the weight of the magneto rotor is reduced, which further reduces engine vibration and increases power output. The new magneto is match to a high capacity 10Ah battery.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

A tyre pressure monitoring system connected to the TFT display ensures greater rider safety, reduced fuel consumption, and longer tyre life.

Dual USB Port

Fitted with a twin port 2.1A fast charge USB socket, all your vital auxiliary devices can be connected and charged for additional convenience.


Electronic Steering Lock

A second-generation steering lock has a more compact mechanism, better shock resistance, faster operation action, making it more secure and more reliable.

Electric Windshield

An electric windshield is designed with optimal aerodynamics in mind, to effectively reduce head on wind buffeting and send air flow over the helmet; the exposed aluminium alloy rocker mechanism accentuates the mechanical aesthetics.

Eco & Sport Modes

A simple press of a button toggles between ECO and Sport modes to suit your ride. Mode selection is clearly visible on the digital display. When ridden in ECO mode, the system will automatically switch to Sport mode when engine speed reaches 7,000rpm; this ensures safe overtakes without compromising fuel economy.


ZT350-T 19