What to Consider Before Transitioning to from Four to Two Wheels

Have you been considering a two-wheel drive? It’s a fantastic decision to make – scooters and motorbikes are smaller, faster, and generally more energy efficient than cars. Plus, it feels great to hop on your bike and quickly zoom to wherever your heart takes you.

Don’t decide too quickly, though, as there’s much to consider before transitioning from four to two wheels. First, you must ensure it’s the right vehicle for you! Before you purchase that brand-new Suzuki or Vespa, consider the following.

Type and Model

You must consider the type of two-wheel drive you want to drive, including how much it costs, the amount of power it provides, its speed, and its style. At BMG, you can find a range of great two-wheel drives, including the stylish and energy-efficient Aprilla Scooters. If you’re after a well-known brand that offers endless style, Vespas have a popular culture around them, especially in Italy. Or, you might prefer to opt for a reliable Honda motorbike, which offers speed and quality.

What You Use Your Vehicle For

What do you usually use your vehicle for? Is it to get yourself to work each day? Or do you prefer taking long road trips or leisurely drives? What you use your vehicle for plays a major role in determining whether a scooter or bike is right for you. For those who like road trips, it might be better to stick to a car with a large boot – at least for now. However, those who only need a vehicle to transport themselves to work each day might do better on two wheels.

Your Regular Passengers

Two-wheel drives are intended for one person. At a push, you can usually fit one more person on the bike, depending on the model. That’s great for people who like to travel alone; however, it’s not so perfect for those who have regular passengers in their car. If you’re the main driver in your family, maybe consider waiting a while before giving up four wheels!

Storage Space

How much storage space do you need from a vehicle? Keep in mind that while bikes and scooters do offer some storage space, the space itself is nowhere near as roomy as a car’s. You won’t be able to fit items for a three-day camping trip in there! Carrying a week’s worth of food shopping on a scooter would also be tricky.

Your overall lifestyle plays a significant role here. If you don’t tend to carry many items in your car, you probably would be OK with the storage space that a bike provides.

Where You Live

A final thing to consider is where you live. In particular, what the roads are like. Not all roads are accommodating when it comes to riding on a bike or scooter, and you need to make sure you’ll feel safe and comfortable when riding one. If you want to know whether riding a motorbike or scooter is a good idea where you live, you could always ask people who ride in your local area.