Why You Can’t Go Wrong with an Aprilia Scooter

There are countless reasons to invest in a scooter. For instance, this alternative mode of transportation promises to help you cut costs when it comes to fuel and maintenance. Scooters are also lightweight and easy to ride; you will have a massive selection from which to choose and they are extremely trendy, too.

The question is, which scooter manufacturer is the best option? Below, we highlight why you simply cannot go wrong with a scooter brought to life by the trusted Italian manufacturer known as Aprilia.

About Aprilia

When it comes to the Aprilia scooter at BMG, you generally have three main options — all of which are 50cc models. These scooters can generally reach up to 35 to 45 miles per hour (55 to 70 kilometres per hour), which is ideal for anyone who plans to ride around the city to and from school or work:

  • SR 50 R: This scooter is celebrated for its sporty aesthetic, which has been inspired by the racing world. It boasts a tapered shield, a handy helmet compartment, and a dual headlamp, and is available in three different colours, namely red, black, and white. It also features an inverted “Snakebite” exhaust, a Euro 4 engine, and enhanced chassis performance. You can buy it now for just £3,499.
  • SR 50 R GP Replica: Also for sale at £3,499, the SR 50 R GP Replica promises the same features and benefits of the original SR 50 R, with the only difference being that it is specifically tailored to resemble a bike from the racing GP. A must-have for GP fans who want to celebrate the sport.
  • SX 50: The SX 50 Aprilia scooter is slightly cheaper at £3,450 but it still goes over and above expectations when it comes to aesthetics and performance. It comes with a new-age Euro 4 engine, a compact saddle, improved braking system, and a 6-speed gearbox for a smooth driving experience.

Why Aprilia?

Did you know that Aprilia holds the record for the most wins in the history of maximum motorcycle competition of any European manufacturer? The brand boasts a total of 294 victories and counting. In short, this motorcycle and scooter manufacturer knows what it’s doing when it comes to quality and sport-inspired designs.

Aprilia scooters are more than just a solution for cost-effective transportation; they are a lifestyle and statement. The scooter engines may be small, but you can rest assured that they pack plenty of punch and power!

Alternatives to Aprilia

If you are not quite sold on buying an Aprilia scooter, there are plenty of other options available at BMG. For example, we stock Vespa, Piaggio, Suzuki, and Herald scooters, too. Don’t forget to take a look at our listings for used bikes and scooters if you are looking for something more budget friendly. Our ‘offers’ pages are also wonderful resources to find out how you can save big on your next purchase. For more details, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.