3 Considerations to Make Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

Buying your first motorcycle is exciting, as you’ll likely be eager to put your licence to good use and hit the open road. However, rather than picking a bike based on its appearance, you must ensure it is right for your needs.

To help you select the right option, here are three essential considerations to make before you buy your first motorcycle.

  1. Your Licence Requirements

The motorcycle you buy should be determined by your licence requirements. In the UK, you will need to have a compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate. There are also different licensing requirements for different bikes.

For example, if you want to buy a lightweight motorcycle that has a power-to-weight ratio that doesn’t exceed 0.1kW per kg, you’ll need an A1 licence.

However, if you have your heart set on a standard motorcycle that’s up to 35 kW, and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW per kg, you’ll need an A2 licence.

For this reason, you must compare a motorcycle against your licencing requirements before you buy it.

  • The Best Motorbike Options

There are many motorcycle options to choose from to match people’s needs, tastes, and budgets. Before you rush into a decision, you must perform some research to ensure it will suit your everyday requirements.

For example, if you’re looking for an attractive bike with a superior engine and an exceptional riding experience, you cannot go wrong with Kymco motorcycles, such as the VSR 125i CBS.

However, if you’re looking for a bike that features the latest technology to enjoy a smooth experience, you shouldn’t overlook the Suzuki Vstrom 1050.

It is crucial to review each bike’s features before you make a purchase, and you should compare them against your requirements. For example, will you ride a motorcycle on a smooth motorway, or do you need a bike that can handle muddy conditions and bumpy country roads? If in doubt, call our friendly and helpful team for assistance.

  • New or Used

There is no right or wrong choice when buying a new or used motorcycle, as it comes down to your budget or preference. Each option has its pros and cons that you must consider.

For example, a new motorcycle can come with a warranty, which will provide coverage for a set time period. Plus, you’ll enjoy a shiny new bike that hasn’t been used by another rider, which can provide peace of mind. However, if you don’t mind a few cosmetic scratches, which might not be visible to the naked eye, a used bike can be a great option. After all, it will allow you to purchase a high-quality motorcycle for a fraction of its price.

If you would like help picking the perfect new or used motorcycle for your needs, budget, and licencing requirements, please feel free to call our dedicated team on 020 8878 8121 or email richmond@bmgscooters.com. We have a wide variety of Suzuki, Aprilia, Herald, and Kymco motorcycles to match your requirements.